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Bridge, Crown, and Filling Work from Guba Dental

Guba Dental employs fillings, crowns, and bridges to fix broken, damaged, or deteriorating teeth. These modern repair techniques have been perfected through modern dentistry, and Dr. Guba uses them to the fullest extent (holistically) to give you - our appreciated patient – the healthy, bright, functional smile you want!



White / Composite Fillings

White or composite resin fillings make excellent cosmetic options for those who don’t want the shine of the traditional gold or silver. Not only are composite fillings metal-free and more natural-looking, they also let you retain a more natural tooth structure and ultimately give you a stronger, more stable tooth.



The Filling Bonding Procedure

Guba Dental can bond your fillings in as little as one visit. We’ll remove the unsightly, damaged, or broken parts of your tooth then etch the tooth with a patented liquid or dental gel along with a bonding agent to finish the work. With a final polish of the filling, you have a beautifully-restored tooth that is fully-functional.



Ceramic Crowns

When a tooth is deeply damaged by decay or injury, it may require a crown. These ceramic caps are placed over the cleaned and prepared tooth and can be made with metal or porcelain fused to metal. Guba Dental opts for biocompatible metal-free restorations as part of our holistic approach. 

Crowns typically take two visits to complete. The crown itself must be fabricated by a dental laboratory. During your first visit to Guba Dental, we prepare your tooth for the crown and provide a temporary one which will allow you to bite and chew normally. After about two weeks, we replace that with the permanent crown that is custom-made to match your smile, perfectly.




A bridge is one of the few options you have for replacing a missing tooth. This fabricated tooth literally bridges the gap by being anchored to the natural teeth on either side of it. They may be 100% ceramic or porcelain fused to metal to support the normal functions of the mouth.

Like crowns, bridges typically take two visits to complete. During the first visit, the experts at Guba Dental shape the abutment teeth so that the ends of the bridge will fit comfortably on each. We also take an impression to send to the dental lab where your bridge will be crafted. We’ll then provide you with a temporary bridge so you can go about your normal activities.

About two weeks later, we replace that with the permanent bridge; leaving you with a beautiful, functional, fully-restored smile.