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Dental Implants from Guba Dental Make All the Difference

As a holistic dental practice, we utilize an integrative dental philosophy that not only examines the health of your teeth and gums on the surface, but also what lies within your mouth affecting your overall health.

To combat the unhealthy affliction of missing or damaged teeth, patients at Guba Dental often turn to dental implants as a viable, permanent solution! Designed to blend in with other teeth, dental implants are made with materials which are completely compatible with the human skeletal and muscular structure, and function as a sturdy anchor for missing teeth.



How Dental Implants Are Done

The tooth structure has two main sections: the crown is the part you see and the root part that is below the gumline. An implant replaces that root structure, and our talented dental technicians then fix a ceramic crown onto it.

Guba Dental uses newer generation zirconium parts as an alternative to titanium. These types of ceramic implants offer the ideal, aforementioned bio-compatibility, and the strength and durability of metal.



The Full Implant Procedure

The dental implant procedure happens in multiple phases. First, the implant is placed in the jawbone itself. Next, after about 3 months – when the bone is grown around the implant – a temporary cosmetic tooth will be inserted to give you natural chewing and appearance. Finally, a unique impression is taken for the final crown and from that impression your new implant is completed and polished and your tooth restored.