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Guba Dental & Holistic Dentistry

Few patients know that the state of their dental health affects their whole body. The truth is teeth are vital living structures that impact overall health and wellness. As a Holistic Dental Care provider, Guba Dental has an extensive understanding of this relationship and we practice accordingly.

Guba Dental aims to provide information to all of our patients to make the right, informed choices. Holistically, conventional dentistry took an extremely limited view of a patient’s dental health; rarely considering the impact of dental care beyond the patient’s smile.

Our approach to patient care is different. We not only focus on treatment of dental diseases, but also encourage prevention, esthetics, function, patient education, healthful dental alternatives, proper nutrition, and practices that lead to total body wellness.

More Than Simple Dental Care

But more than your health, as part of our holistic approach to dentistry and patient care, Guba Dental strives to ensure that you are understood and accepted. We’re here to provide physical and emotional support during a time of transition and change, and to promote self-healing from within.

To do this, we openly share our resources among our colleagues in our network, nurture holistic and leading-edge ideas about the industry, and adopt an interdisciplinary approach to health and dental work in the Indianapolis area.

Our practice also stays devoted to comprehensive and preventive patient care. We strive to develop long-lasting, trusting relationships with all of our patients and do what we can to alleviate overall pain and discomfort.

Safe Mercury Filling Removal

Older mercury dental fillings have been known to cause health issues over time. As one of the leading mercury-free, holistic dentists in Indianapolis, we have perfected our process for removing these potentially-harmful fillings and replacing them with safer, more modern composites.

All of our fillings are designed to be tooth-colored. This means that they are nearly invisible, more aesthetically-pleasing, and contain materials that minimize any health issues down the road. Guba Dental has helped hundreds, if not thousands of patients replace their mercury fillings, and given them a whiter smile that they’re happy to show off.

To learn more about removing mercury fillings, click here.

Ozone Therapy

What if you could use just one, highly effective, non-toxic agent for any and all infectious processes in the oral cavity? What if that same agent not only eliminated all pathogens (bacteria, viruses, and all others) but also stimulated natural healing processes in soft tissue, bone, and teeth?

Ozone/Oxygen gas has been used in dentistry and medicine around the world for decades. It has a safety record that exceeds that of any pharmaceutical agent. There are hundreds of professional studies documenting safety and efficacy. At Guba Dental, we incorporate ozone therapy into our holistic dental practices for effective results that benefit your overall health.



Awards & Recognitions

We encourage our patients to become active and knowledgeable participants in the health care choices they make. For that effort, we have been awarded by many different governing dental entities, including the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and Mercury Free Dentists Association.